Monday, July 23, 2012

Cascade Cycling Classic Packs a Powerful Punch!

Green is Good.  
RGW rejoicing after
winning the Indie Hops
Green sprinters jersey at
the 2012 Cascade
Cycling Classic.
Well, Indie Hops again sponsored the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon this week and we're proud to see our logos on the winners. 

Francisco Mancebo won the pro men's race in fine fashion, pretty much dominating in just about every category. We're happy for the winner of the sprint competition, Eric Mercotte, of the Elbowz Racing Team out of Dallas, Texas.  They came a long way from the Lone Star State, where hill training consists of repeats on overpasses over the interstate, and our darling underdogs pulled it off.  Eric looks good in the green jersey. Now if we could just get more Texas breweries to green up their brews with Oregon grown aroma hops.

Speaking of hop colored bike jersies, in the Masters races, yours truly is now the proud owner of this coveted garment.  I managed to lose some weight (without sacrificing my two beers a day habit), trained like a madmen, and unleashed the fury on the Mt. Bachelor climb for the Vee in Stage 1.

I'm very happy for the winner of the yellow jersey, Robert Nunes. This man is tough, tough, tough.  Once he donned the yellow, the entire field tried hard to crush him but he would not surrender.  Where did he get that toughness? He's used to the hard life, as he hails from a tiny town on the Pacific coast side of Costa Rica.

Coming and Going
Plenty of action on the
clean streets of
downtown Bend, Oregon
for the pro criterium 
Indie Hops inda house!
I've been down there, and believe me, it's no picnic climbing a partially paved mountain road with no shoulder, no reflectors, no lights, in the mist, with diesel spewing trucks and busses roaring by you.

Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, racers and fans who helped make this years CCC another bona fide classic.  And congrats to Deschutes Brewing for crafting the popular, unique and tasty Chainbreaker IPA.  I drained three pints while announcing the men's pro race with my buddy Splinter Wren and wanted more!


Roger Worthington
July 23, 2012

The Bikie's High
I spent exactly 12 hours
in yellow after the first mountain
stage. Between the altitude and 
the voluptuous podium babes,
I must've lost focus.
One Tough Hombre
Here's my new buddy, Robert Nunes,
of Costa Rica, the winner of the
Yellow Jersey in the CCC masters 
races. How does a guy get that 
fit riding on gravel roads and
sand flea infested beaches?